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Why do I feel hungry all the time? Medical Reason behind it

Do you feel hungry all the time?

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Hunger is complex – how much you fuel your body; is not enough. Hunger can be biological and psychological which implies that we need food to survive or we eat out of pleasure. Your body needs food for energy; therefore, it is very normal to eat after every few hours. Appetite and hunger are controlled by the composite connection among your intestinal, endocrine, and neurologic system, they send a chemical indication to the brain which signals when you are starving or full.

Extreme hunger or polyphagia is considered as the necessity for more food intake than your regular caloric consumption. It could be a result of a disorder in the system that controls appetite. Some people take more calories when they are depressed or unhappy. But there can be some underlying diseases or condition which makes you hungry all the time such as:

If you also feel excessive hunger, to diagnose your condition, consult a doctor or health care practitioner immediately. We at the Bansal Global Hospital have a team of specialized experts who focuses on complete and integrated health care service with a caring atmosphere.

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