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Guidelines to follow while going to visit your Doctor

Another set of rules? Well, formally no. But informally, some guidelines can always help you. Though the following set of rules are not mentioned anywhere, it helps the doctor and the hospital serve you better. Let’s have a look at them:

Carry your prescriptions: If you have consulted the doctor before and it’s a follow up you are going for, ensure that you are carrying your previous prescription with you. It helps the doctor summarize your case and judge the progress better. It also saves times and efforts in revising it all over again.

Carry your reports: If the doctor has advised some tests to be done, get them done. Don’t ignore them as your doctor knows what’s good for you and the reports might be crucial to your recovery or even detecting your illness.

Dress comfortably: The doctor might need to do a thorough check-up, so it is recommended to wear comfortable clothing. For blood tests and other tests, clothing should be selected likewise.

Be frank: Don’t hide stuff from your doctor. If there are people who make you uncomfortable, ask your doctor for privacy and share all your concerns which may be related to the illness. At Bansal Global Hospital, privacy of the patient is most cared for as it affects doctor-patient communication.

It isn’t that difficult is it? It isn’t about doing efforts but just being mindful about a few things so that your visit to the doctor is fruitful.

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